WE are not immune from pain! It’s part of life! But there are ways to keep pain at bay.

Pain is not just a physical sensation. It has mental aspect too. Factors like attitudes, beliefs, personality and society can influence it.

Two persons may have the similar pain conditions but their experience of living with it can be different.  Therefore, there are different ways of feeling and describing the pain. And this makes it difficult to define and treat.

Pain-Free Planet aims at making all of you aware about the various ways to avoid pain and lead a pain-free life. We will share the various ways of management & treatment of pain. From ancient wisdom to home-made solutions; from alternative pain management techniques to modern medical science system – all would be the part of the campaign committed to create a healthy & pain-free world.

Stay tuned to PAIN-FREE PLANET to stay fit and have a pain free life!  

Stay Fit, Stay Pain Free!