Must Call 14440 To Prevent Net Banking & Money Transactions Frauds

If you are a bank account holder & do online banking/transactions, Not Dialing this All-Important RBI’s Toll-Free Number May Be A Blunder on your part

IN today’s world when everything is being done online, banking & online money transactions are not exceptions.

But the negative part of this scenario is that when more and more people are adopting the virtual lifestyle, it has become much easier for the criminals to make the unsuspecting customers of banks their prey.

The complaint-boxes of all the banks got choked every day with thousands of complaint concerning fraudulent transactions and unauthorised electronic banking transactions.

In this backdrop, the apex monetary institution of India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has provided a toll-free helpline number – 14440, to all.

The Department of Telecommunications, Government of India has allocated the number 1-444-0 to the RBI for its Public Awareness Helpline service.

The most important point about this number is that it’s a Missed Call Toll-Free number. You only have to give a Missed-Call to know everything about the online banking/transaction to avoid errors.


1. When you make a call, you are greeted with an automated voice from the other side, thanking you for making the call.

2.  After the greetings – Thank you for calling RBI, the call gets disconnected.

3. But within seconds, you receive a call from +91-14440.

4. And when you pick up the call, you are welcomed by a very easy & user-friendly Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that aims at addressing all your queries besides informing you about the Dos & Don’ts of online banking and online money transactions.

5. You are expected to make a response to enter the get the desired information.

The number could be your ultimate guide in many situations, including fraudulent transactions in your bank account, unauthorised electronic banking transactions if you have any confusion regarding any online banking and more. The RBI recommends all to make a call on ‘14440’ for more details on such subjects.

Notably, the RBI is India’s central banking institution, which controls the monetary policy of the Indian currency.


Therefore, you must keep this number 14440 saved in your phone to get rescued in any situation of online financial exigency. You are recommended to dial this number to know the Do’s & Don’ts of the online money transaction world. Moreover, you should suggest your near and dear ones to save this All-Important RBI’s Helpline number in their phones.

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