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IN the age of information overload, deciding which information is news for you & which is not, is really tough. The Times Media makes your life a bit easy by serving you The News You Need!

For us, any piece of information turns into a news when it gains the capability of helping you & solving your problems.

Though we serve news from all aspects of life, our spotlight hovers over two important facets – Travelling & Pain Management.

While navigating over the Main Menu, you will find those two topics, titled as
Few-Bucks Travel & Pain-Free Planet.

Few-Bucks Travel:

Few-Bucks Travel The Times Media

Seeing the world would be a costly affair – it’s an all-time biggest myth about travelling. With a little bit of planning & preparations, roaming could be comfortable, pleasurable, enjoyable, luxurious & affordable as well!

From buying tickets to spending nights at new places; from getting a visa to choosing modes of transportations; from shopping to eating at alien lands – all could be cost-effective.

Money won’t be a factor once you decide to behold the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara desert or you want to date with the world’s adorable blue & beautiful beaches.
From the US to Australia; from Europe to the Middle East – every continent could be on your destination list.
Be it gorgeous mountains or stunning hills, be the ancient cities or designer Capitals, be the streets of Bangkok or the lanes of Purani Delhi – all are approachable & trust me your wallet will permit too!

So, if travel has come up in your to-do list, don’t worry just pack your bag & stay tuned to the Few-Bucks Travel for getting tips, tricks, information & inspiration for pocket-friendly travels.


Pain-Free Planet:

Pain Free Planet The Times Media

We are not immune to pain! It’s part of life! But there are ways to keep pain at bay.

Pain-Free Planet aims at making all of you aware of the various ways to avoid pain and lead a pain-free life. We share the various ways of treatment & management of pain. From ancient wisdom to home-made solutions; from alternative pain management techniques to modern medical science system – all would be the part of the campaign committed to creating a healthy & pain-free world.

Stay tuned to PAIN-FREE PLANET to get the BEST TIPS to avoid pain for staying fit & to know the VARIOUS WAYS of pain treatment & pain management to lead a pain-free life!  


Moreover, there are two more sections, namely THE NEWS & WORDS VILLA, on the Main Menu.

The News:

The News The Times Media

As explained in the opening paragraphs, information that has the capability of helping you & solving your problems is considered as news by us. And we serve news from all aspects of life.

In the nutshell, any information & new development that will affect & influence any aspect of your life will find a proper place in The Times Media.

So, stay tuned to The News for the latest that would help you & would solve your problems.

Words Villa:

Words Villa

Words are the Greatest Tools. Words are the ultimate brand & image building tools. Whether you are a political leader, an entrepreneur, a professional or a salesperson, you are bound to use words. And in any role, your success will depend heavily upon – what you say & how you say it.

Selecting the apt & impactful words, capable of showcasing your brand in the true sense, is an experts’ job. Those experts are known as writers.

Words Villa the content marketing wing of The Times Media is a house of such highly experienced professionals who can create top-quality, tailor-made contents for offline and online platforms.

You can also get desired content delivered in your inbox. Just visit the Words Villa page to get the Words Villa Brochure and also to know more about it & its services.


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